Senior Mobility Action Council (SMAC)

SMAC is a work group of the Contra Costa County Advisory Council on Aging. SMAC provides a forum that unites representatives from the major transportation providers in Contra Costa with other smaller transportation providers who serve older/disabled adults.  Volunteer transportation advocates, who also care about our seniors and are willing to provide advocacy and other services, work to raise awareness and to keep safe transportation options available to seniors.

Our monthly meetings are open to the public.  If you have an interest in senior transportation topics and would like to contribute to ongoing discussions, please contact Scott Danielson at (925) 602-4174 for meeting details.

SMAC Mission Statement

  • To address transportation barriers and gaps in service experienced by Contra Costa older adults through education, advocacy and the promotion of effective coordination of services and mobility management that enhances the autonomy and independence of older adults in Contra Costa County.

2015 Work Plan- Group Goals

  • Advocate for and actively support Mobility Management in Contra Costa.
  • Advocate for and support city-based transportation programs.
  • Advocate for and support increased volunteerism in senior transportation.
  • Advocate legislation that supports, preserves, and encourages senior mobility.
  • Provide leadership and support at conferences, workshops, and committees related to Senior Mobility.
  • Build capacity by recruiting new members and increasing participation in the monthly
  • Advocate for making it safer for senior pedestrians.
  • Plan a public workshop to be delivered in 2015 or early 2016, to include a panel of programs as well as the launch of the SMAC Newsletter.
  • Complete the revision of “Way to Go, Contra Costa;” post it on the SMAC page of the ACOA website; publish a paper copy for distribution.

SMAC Newsletter Archive

SMAC Newsletter vol 2.1    [PDF – English]
SMAC Newsletter vol 1.2    [PDF – English]
SMAC Newsletter vol 1.1    [PDF – English]